Esteban Jose Zuniga Calderon

Esteban Zúñiga Calderón


Hailing from Cartago, Costa Rica, Tenor Esteban Zúñiga Calderón is pursuing the degree of Doctor in Musical Arts with a specialization in Historical Performance Practice at the University of Oregon, under the tutelage of Dr. Camille Ortiz. He obtained his Master’s degree in Manhattan School of Music thanks to a full scholarship, studying with former Metropolitan Opera tenor Neil Rosenshein. Zúñiga has also had the opportunity to work with a number of important figures in the world of North American Classical Music, such as Sherril Milnes, Martina Arroyo, Arturo O'Farril, Mignon Dunn, Ashley Putnam, Gary Wedow, Katherine Malfitano and Kent Tritle. He has been a remarkable participant at multiple performances, concerts, festivals and operas, in the United States and in Costa Rica. Zúñiga has sung the male leading roles in operas by Rossini, Donizetti, Mozart, Bizet, Handel, P. Davis, García and Guerrero. He has also performed as a soloist in works by Bach, Mozart, Schubert, Saint-Saënz, Von Martinez, Schütz and Orff, among others. In the present day, Zúñiga continues teaching young singers at the University of Oregon along with his doctoral studies.